Michael is a curious soul traveling the globe in search of a common human spark. Through the lens of camera, he explores the meaning of human life and how it fits into the broader fabric of existence. Though never formally trained in photography, he adopted the role of amateur photojournalist during his college years as he visually documented his exploits at home and travels abroad. As he became more aware of his right brain propensities, photography became an outlet for his artistic impulsions. It became his cropping tool for the world and a way to rediscover the beauty in the minute and the mundane.

In his current work, Michael experiments with a variety of photographic and post processing techniques. Specifically, he uses HDR (high dynamic range) and long exposure night photography to amplify the beauty of our natural world, revealing a level of reality the human eye can’t always perceive. By capturing the range of available light, the photographs provide insight into the emotional essence of the moment. This elevates the viewer’s experience from simple observation to a more sensual and introspective reflection. The line between art and reality becomes effectively blurred.

Michael also takes great interest in spontaneous street portraiture. From stoop-sitting elders in Old Havana, shoemakers in the bazaars of Istanbul, or children running through the streets of Old Delhi, Michael seeks to capture life living life. French photojournalist Henri Cartier Bresson, who has heavily influenced Michael’s work, compared himself to a ‘hunter’ determined to depict the energy of human life at its peak. Bresson once said, ‘life is once forever’. Indeed, Michael’s portraits remind us that the transient is significant and that the permanent is nothing more than an infinite string of the transient.

Michael’s photography and writings have been featured on a variety of travel blogs and websites, including the Huffington Post. His Cuban photography has been featured in NYC restaurants and as cover artwork for a Spanish blues album. He is the author and editor of three photography books: "Life Living Life," “Life Living Life II,” and “Imagining Reality.” Through these books, Michael explores the art form as a means of human connection to our selves, to the physical world, and to the incredible humanity all around us. Michael grew up on Long Island, received a degree from Duke University, and continues to travel the world in his search for the perfect visual moment. After a three year stint in Hong Kong, he currently resides in Tokyo.